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Worland Prayer Calendar:

The Ministerial Association offers this monthly calendar as an aid in helping you when you pray for our community. Thank you for lifting up our town and its residents as we petition God to grace us, and thank God for His blessings to us.

  DAY 1 - Pray for our MAYOR and CITY COUNCIL, for prudent decisions as they lead our town in a responsible and caring manner toward a bright future, and in appreciation of their time and efforts.

  DAY 2 - Pray for the MERCHANTS and BUSINESSES in our town that they may prosper and work together to help our town grow.

  DAY 3 - Pray for the PROFESSIONAL and FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS who meet in this town for fellowship and outreach to the community and the world.

  DAY 4 - Pray for our SCHOOLS - the teachers and aids, administrators, school boards, bus drivers, and other personnel who help in the educational process of our children.

  DAY 5 - Pray for CARE-GIVERS in our town like doctors, dentists, nurses, public and private agencies, and all who serve in ministries of compassion, that wisdom, skills and mercy will accompany their efforts.

  DAY 6 - Pray for our FARMERS and RANCHERS — for seasonal weather, crop yield, healthy livestock and protection from natural disaster.

  DAY 7 - Pray for EMPLOYEES who endure shift schedules, job uncertainties, low pay, too little free time and too much stress.

  DAY 8— Pray for those who WORK AT HOME, that they may feel valued and appreciated as they labor with patience and stamina to make their house a home.

  DAY 9— Pray for our CHURCHES, PASTORS, and LAY LEADERS that they may be sources of relevance, refreshment and Godly renewal in our community.

  DAY 10 - Pray for our PUBLIC SERVICES like the Post Office, Library, Senior Center, Utilities, Sanitation and others, that the workers may feel appreciated and uplifted.

  DAY 11 - Pray for the JOBLESS and UNEMPLOYED that they may find gainful work and that we may be of assistance to them and their families during this time.

  DAY 12 - Pray for our TOWN’S FUTURE that we might develop a vision that not only includes growth, but friendliness and a renewed sense of pride.

  DAY 13 - Pray for our RELIEF AGENCIES like the Food Bank, the commodities distribution, Ministerial Association transient funds and other disbursements, and for all other benevolence that goes to aid the needy in our area.

  DAY 14 - Pray for our NURSING HOME RESIDENTS for their dignity, comfort and happiness, and for the staff who serve them so diligently.

  DAY 15 - Pray for our RETIRED and ELDERLY — those with fixed incomes, waning health, distant families, those who are active and those who are infirmed, homebound, widowed, lonely, that they may all feel loved and valued in our town.

  DAY 16 - Pray for our POLICE/FIREFIGHTERS/EMTS who so faithfully, and at great personal sacrifice and risk, serve our community.

  DAY 17 - Pray for our PARENTS who struggle to raise children in these difficult days.

  DAY 18 - Pray for our CHILDREN that they may be safe, feel loved, remain healthy, and be happy.

  DAY 19 - Pray for our TEENAGERS that they may be protected from temptations and peer pressure, and that they may have all the opportunities they dream of to grow and to be happy, responsible adults.

  DAY 20 - Pray for BROKEN HOMES and ROCKY MARRIAGES that understanding, gentleness, forgiveness, and grace would enter in, to help restore communication within these relationships.

  DAY 21 - Pray for those with ADDICTIONS of any sort — alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex — that they may be released and their lives restored to balance.

  DAY 22 - Pray for those with TERMINAL ILLNESS who struggle with pain, fear, anger, depression, amidst patience, faith, and an uncertain future.

  DAY 23 - Pray for those needing SECOND CHANCES, for opportunities to turn around, try again, get it right; and for courage to take the risk.

  DAY 24 - Pray for those who feel GUILT and SHAME, that they may experience God’s healing love and release from their burden.

  DAY 25 - Pray for those with CHRONIC PAIN that they may experience relief, and receive strength to endure through the compassion of others.

  DAY 26 - Pray for those with FINANCIAL PROBLEMS as they struggle with hope and as they search for answers.

  DAY 27 - Pray for those in CONFLICT, that clear minds and cool heads may pre’ail, that compromise will enter the dialogue, and that reconciliation may be reached.

  DAY 28 - Pray for those suffering LOSS, SORROW, and GRIEF that the presence of God and the love of God’s people will carry them through.

  DAY 29 - Pray for YOUR NEIGHBORS that God’s grace, mercy, presence and peace may surround their homes and families with an atmosphere of love.

  DAY 30— Pray for YOUR FAMILY both in your home and living elsewhere; for their health, happiness, well-being, and their relationships with each other and with God.

  DAY 31 - Pray for YOURSELF, and the dreams you offer to God for blessing.