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1. The supplemental food assistance is available to SENIOR CITIZENS (60+). This program will assist seniors that are living on a restricted budget with food items on a regular basis. They will be required to provide proof of SS or proof of income and valid driver's liscense.

2. The supplemental food assistance is available to individuals THAT ARE DISABLED. They will be required to provide proof of disability and valid driver's liscense. Food items requested from the food pantry are to supplement items purchased at the store.

3. The supplemnental food assistance is available to FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN. To determine eligibility they will need to provide proof of income for all individuals working in the household, valid driver's liscense for head of household and spouse, monthly rent or mortgage payment for home, and other information regarding food stamps, WIC, or other assistance being received. A Needs rating Scale will be used to determine the level of need based on various factors. Based on data received from the Needs rating Scale, the program director will determine if the food supplement program is needed and how much can be provided.

Other programs will provide assistance in regards to furthering education with Evenstart, looking for employment, offering assistance with Sent$ible Nutrition to offer better budgeting and food prep, or assistance in creating a better home budget in regards to personal choices.